The town of Louisville itself was established in 1882 by Louis Nawatny -- who owned most of the land in the area. He platted the area, and named it after himself. It quickly became a mining town, and if you visit Old Town Louisville, you can still see the late 19th century charm of the town has been beautifully maintained. Downtown Louisville is still almost completely original buildings, and the shop-owners are almost all local residents. If you spend any time in Old Town Louisville shops, the friendliness of the shop owners is reminiscent of something out of "Leave it to Beaver", or "The Andy Griffith Show".

If you're looking to buy Louisville real estate, average prices are in the neighborhood of the low $400,000 range. Of course, you could get a condo starting in the low $100,000 price range. The most expensive homes in the area rarely exceed about $900,000, and that would typically get a newer home overlooking a lake, with views of the mountains, or overlooking Coal Creek golf courses. Be sure to register you Louisville home search to be sent a list of homes that meet your specific needs. If you are not finding what you are looking for please let us know we are here to help and know the area.

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