Golden, Colorado has a wealth of areas with historical significance. The Coors Brewing Company and final resting place of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody contribute to about 2.5 million visitors vacationing in the beautiful Golden area each year. Golden CO is home to some of the best areas for outdoor activity in the country. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the mountain biking trails available on the sides of Mount Zion and Lookout Mountain. The biking trails range from mellow rides in the woods to steep, world class, technical descents down the sides of the mountains. Natural rock climbing is a popular activity on the North Table Mountain and there are many hiking trails throughout the area. Individuals can also enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, and boating in the waters of Golden.

Golden, CO real estate consists mainly of single family homes. The prices for Golden homes start at about $185,000 and can cost as much as $500,000. Golden real estate that is technically located outside of the city limits includes the communities of Applewood, Genesee, Mesa Meadows, Wild Plum Farm, Mount Vernon, and Meadow Ridge Estates. Although the average price in Golden is in the low 400's, some of the more upscale subdivisions feature luxurious homes priced up into the $5 million ranges.

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