Trimming and Pruning Tips

Posted by Client Care on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 2:47pm.

Pruning your bushes and trees is the best way to keep them healthy and to promote growth. In fact, the act of pruning has even become an art form in some cultures as well as a landscaping technique. When you trim your plants, bushes and trees you should really take into consideration what specific species of plant you are dealing with before hacking away at it. There is a certain amount of knowledge that one should have as well, before your first cut is made.

Depending on what you are dealing with, like rose bushes, an overgrown tree, or hedges, you may need different tools to get the job done correctly, otherwise a good pair of loppers will usually be just fine. We suggest researching the plant and fully examining it starting from the top down. You will want to keep healthy canes and stems and remove ones that are discolored, broken or flimsy. Some plants will thrive better only when they have a certain amount of canes and branches, which is how you will begin to determine what to keep and what to cut.

Rose BushesRose pruning - Learning how to prune roses is a technique that people have been practicing for centuries. Those who know how to correctly prune their rose bushes will be able to produce wonderful blooms year after year with relative ease. First off, most roses need to be pruned in spring in order for it to have the most benefit. In Colorado, you want to be sure not to prune too early because our weather is notorious for spring hails and snow storms. Most rose bushes like Hybrid Tea roses, grandifloras and floribundas will benefit the most from removing about a half to two-thirds of the plant's height. Before you go cutting away, examine each cane to see which ones are positioned properly and which are producing. Typically rose plants should have an open center, so that the plant receives air circulation and even lighting. Start by removing everything that looks dead or is broken. Small cuts should be made on a 45 degree angle. After the plant has been cleaned up, choose the best 5 or 6 canes to keep, and remove the rest. To reduce the height of the plant you will cut the canes a 1/4 inch above a bud that is facing the outside of the plant.

Trimming your treesTree trimming - Trimming back your own trees so that they do not touch your house is something anyone can do safely as long as branches are easily accessible and not too large. Removal of large trees or limbs is something that should be left to the professionals due to safely complications. However that is not to say you can't get up there and remove potential problem branches with minimal effort. Note: You should only climb up on your roof if you have safety equipment like a harnesses that will keep you from falling. All branches that come into physical contact with the home should be removed. Be sure to cut branches back far enough so that a strong wind will not cause them to brush the house as well. Making your cuts about a 1/4 inch above a bud on a 45 degree angle is best. With that being said, it may be more important to remove as much as you can in order from keeping it from hitting the house, so do what you have to do. If you are thinning out branches on one particular cane, you will want to make your cuts outside of the branch's bark ridge and collar.

Trimming your hedgesTrimming your hedges - Start trimming your hedges by removing all the dead and damaged branches. This is actually something that should be done on a regular basis in order to keep your hedges healthy and disease free. Next, you will want to remove any branches that look out of place or are deranged. This kind of pruning will actually thin out the hedges a bit promoting better circulation of light and air. After that, remove old and weak canes leaving behind only the strong. Cut back the height of the hedge by clipping the tips off right after a bud or leaf. It is best to avoid using hedge shears and giving everything a flat top appearance. This practice will actually promote more growth over the years and will make the hedges hard to control.

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