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Audio books are a great way to pass the time, especially when doing something time consuming and repetitive like driving across the country, running on a treadmill or painting and improving your home. In fact, what better way is there to enhance a boring project like remodeling a bath, weeding, vacuuming or doing dishes other than to figure out a way to be entertained by it in some way. Choosing a book that you can relate to, make you laugh, or share a few tips is just the thing you need the next time you are presented with a task that requires lots of motivation and time! Here are some of my favorite home improvement/Do-it-Yourself/real estate books that are sure to help pass the time. 

Be sure to check with your local library to see if they have a…

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Buying real estate for investment purposes has become one of the best ways to develop long term equity in today’s market and rebounding economy. However, most successful real estate investors will tell you that this road is not a foolproof get-rich-quick scheme, especially since the last economic decline. In fact, some investments, particularly that of fix and flips which have been popularized by so many HGTV or TLC shows, are known for its rough and tough and sometimes fierce industry.  Having everything to do with timing, labor, expenses, initial cost and good planning, even the most promising fix and flip investments can be derailed by unforeseen issues. For this reason, it is imperative that you account for both sides of the coin when you consider…

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Color inspiration can come from a variety of places, but if you are looking to redo or makeover your home, or any room in it, it is best to use a color palette that will continue to grow on you over time. Splashes of color can be applied sparingly to bring in new life to dull furnishings, or fully by painting a room an entirely new color.  Each year color trend forecasters use a variety of information from several different industries to determine which colors will be considered trend setting for the upcoming year.  Even though the color of the year might be too trendy for some tastes, there always seems to be some variation of more traditional colors as well that are popular each year. Whether you end up going with a bright new look or want to hold true…

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The winter season is almost over and in the real estate world this means that people are gearing up for the predominant buying and selling season. Inquiries always peak around the start of the new year and indicate an influx of people looking to relocate in the spring and summer. In preparation, many folks, especially those moving long distances or downsizing, will find it more beneficial to liquidate their belongings rather than moving or storing them. The choice now becomes how, where, and when do you sell your stuff if you are moving? The answers are below!

How to sell your belongings before you move? The best way to get rid of a large amount of stuff quickly is to hire a company to run an estate or moving sale for you. Otherwise, you can do what…

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When you hear the term eco-friendly what usually comes to mind?  For me, it is the mantra recycle, reuse, and reduce, and although that sounds groovy, at the same time it doesn't necessarily invoke a chic or modern sense of style.  However this perception is changing fast, especially in places like Colorado where the terms eco-friendly, green and sustainable have caught on in just about every single industry, including real estate.  In essence, these huge trends have extended from specific industries and morphed more into a way of life.  Modern sustainable living has to do with everything you do, whether it is bringing your own grocery bags to the store, composting at home, buying local, or using reclaimed materials in your home renovations.  For some,…

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When we talk flooring, the sky’s the limit in terms of different options, styles, colors, and materials.  In fact, the old days of wall to wall carpet have long gone and is being replaced by things like lightweight and highly durable bamboo, spongy and orthopedic cork floors, and more modern industrial concrete creations. Despite each new flooring's sets of benefits, traditional options like hardwood and tile also continue to be very popular.  Even these classics have been improved upon and can offer way more than one could imagine that they would get from their home’s floor.  
Here is a little more information regarding the different kind of flooring options readily available at your local retailer.
Hardwood Floors - As previously mentioned, hardwood…

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Now that we are firmly into the new year, tons of people are putting into motions the steps that will eventually help sell their house this upcoming spring 2014.  As far as doing improvements that will net your the most return and/or make your home attractive to potential buyers, some things are definitely more beneficial than other.  Along those lines, the first thing anyone sees when they tour your for sale home is the exterior.  This why curb appeal has so much value and should be seriously considered when repairing and staging your home for resale.

Here are some tips you can use to help increase the Curb Appeal of your home, because after you only get one real first impression!

  • Replace or upgrade the hardware on the front of your home.  A new…
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As the New Year rapidly approaches, many people are once again going through the motions of goal planning and setting their resolutions for the upcoming year. For some folks setting their resolution is nothing more than pipe dreaming and something that they know they will never accomplish.  For others, this is a pivotal time in which they wholeheartedly decide to make a serious change in their life.  And even still, there are other folks who choose goals and a resolution that they know can be accomplished without too much strife. In my opinion the best kind of goals and New Year’s resolutions are ones that combine a little of all three agendas. First of all, it is hard to have goals without dreams, but at the same time large accomplishments usually come…

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With the economy’s rebound in the last few years, many people once again are looking at the potential benefits of investing in rental properties and real estate.  This decision to invest in real estate over traditional stock options is something more and more people are considering as a way of accumulating wealth. Of course, the decision of which investment is right for you is a personal choice, but there are definite benefits that people who invest in real estate can experience. Big time property investors see this as an opportunity to build their wealth even further by providing housing for the 34% of Americans who occupy rental homes. With statistics like this it is clear to see why so many new investors are now rushing to acquire single family and…

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If you have been dying to update your kitchen, but do not want to install all new cabinetry or are on a budget, I suggest checking out these awesome painted kitchen cabinet designs for a little inspiration!

  Contemporary Kitchen by Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Remodelers 

1. This teal painted kitchen has tons of personality and is super chic! 

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Studio Sarah Willmer

2. I never would have thought to do two colors, but these earth tones have a natural and organic feel that I love! 

Contemporary Kitchen by Minneapolis Cabinets & Cabinetry CliqStudios Cabinets

3. The garnet color of this island offers warm sophistication and offsets the light color cabinets perfectly. 

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