Hot Springs Destinations in Colorado

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Best Hot Springs in ColoradoCold weather tourism is obviously huge in Colorado, since we are known for our world class skiing and resorts. But did you know that people have been coming to Colorado for over a hundred years specifically to enjoy another kind of cold weather pleasure? If not, you do now! Hot springs in Colorado are hugely popular and offer tourists of all kinds a fun and unique cold weather vacation experience. From Aspen and Steamboat, to Idaho Springs and Buena Vista, there are literally tons of different hot springs you can enjoy all over the state.

Hot springs are technically defined a bunch of different ways and can come in the form of natural or manmade pools fed by geothermal waters. The water that fills up these pools is heated to varying degrees of temperature and has increased levels of earthbound minerals and vitamins. It is true that some hot springs produce a sulfur smell, but not all of them do, and in fact some hot spring resorts filter the water to rid it of the unpleasant smell, making it more appealing to tourists. Promising fun mixed with therapeutic qualities, and historic ties the state’s rich Native American heritage, hot springs in Colorado are a must for any winter weather tourist. Nearly all the hot springs in Colorado offer some sort of accommodations like lodging and dining, but some are more family friendly, while others are more adult centered and luxurious.

Here is some information about Colorado's top hot springs.

Glenwood Hot Springs - Probably one of the most popular hot spring resorts in the state, Glenwood Hot Springs has been attracting people like presidents and infamous wild western figures for over a century. This place offers a wide range of activities, beautiful scenery, and a gigantic year-round pool.

Hot Sulfur Springs - This is one of the “stinky” hot springs, but definitely one of the best as well! Offering tons of different pools, this resort is most popular with therapeutic seekers and adults. With a bit more of a rustic feel surrounded by natural elements, Sulfur Springs offers a unique, calming and private bathing experience.

Old Town Hot SpringsThis is one of the state’s premier hot spring recreation centers located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Popular with summer vacationers and winter athletes, this seasonal only facility offers family friendly accommodations and amazing programs all within a few miles of the slopes.

The Pagosa Hot Springs - Known for their water’s healing properties, the Pagosa Spring Resort features one of the states hottest pools, the Lobster Pot, at 114 degrees! Situated in the center of the small and charming town of Pagosa, this resort offers a more low key, but definitely a high class experience!


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