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Posted by Client Care on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 2:56pm.

Home Organizational TipsThere is no better time than the start of a new school year to get your home organized! With how hectic life can get between kid's soccer practices, homework, your job, and of course the looming holidays, now is the perfect time to prepare for the busy year to come.   I’m not talking spring cleaning stuff here, I’m talking about implementing an organization plan for your home and life.  Being organized will not only make you more efficient, which ultimately translates into more time, but it can also bring calm to a time of chaos.  Not everyone needs to hire a professional organizer, having said that, some people definitely do!  Whether you are helping your elderly parents liquidate old 

clutter, moving into a new home, clearing out your home’s office, or just changing over to your winter wardrobe, there are tons of ways to fall into a good organizational system. 

Here are some helpful tips for organizing your home, office and life!

1. Prepare to say goodbye to things you have not used in 2-5 years! A lot of online organizational blogs suggest 1 year, but I don't think that is necessarily practical.

2. Make a plan of action!  Determine which area you will start with first and what you need.  If you are unsure what you need as far as storage containers are considered, just start with several large cardboard boxes.

3. Labels are your friends!  You will want to designate some of your boxes as donate, trash, put-aways, and need accessible.  Label any boxes you put into storage by writing a quick inventory on the side of the box. (Be sure to face that side out!) This will help you locate those items later on without too much trouble.

4. Put it back together with purpose! Now that everything is sorted, you will need to put things back in their place so that they can be readily accessible.  Here is where you can get creative with design features! A good way to increase storage space is to utilize your walls by adding hanging shelves or using bed raisers for additional space underneath!  

5. Don’t let things get mixed up again!  Use dividers in cabinet drawers or add extra shelves where needed. You can also add a small set of clear plastic drawers underneath your bathroom sink or kitchen sink for even more storage.

6. Think outside the box!  You can store items in fashionable bins, baskets, and jars to give added visual interest to your new organizational surroundings.

7. Devise a 10 minute quick clean routine! By picking up the house very quickly every morning and by putting things away in their new home, you will help to ensure the success of your newly organized life.

8. Bundle like items!  There is nothing worse than digging through your drawers looking for a specific shirt, only to destroy every other folded piece of clothing.  You can color code, arrange by size or fashion, or come up with another sorting routine that makes sense for you. 

9. Sometimes more is better! If you’re talking about storage that is.  Places like Ikea make great home furnishing solutions that offer plenty of storage space, but if you want to make due with what you have or find other less expensive options, just double or triple things up.  For instance, why only use one wardrobe or bookcase to line a wall when you can fit two or three!  Even if items are not matchy-matchy, as long as they coordinate and you tie in like elements, you’re all good!

10. A new purpose!  Just because something has a designated purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else.  For example, hanging shoe organizers make for a great toy storage solution in kids’ rooms or the perfect winter hat and glove organizer in your front closet.  Likewise, an old desk or dresser with a thin bassinet mattress on top would make a super cute changing table.  The sky's the limit!

Okay, so I know not everyone gets as excited about organization as I do, and in fact, some people straight up fear it,  but if you implement just a few of the tips outlined here you will probably find the perfect combination of your own quirky style and your new orderly habits. The key to organizational success is developing a system that works for you.

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