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Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park is one of Colorado’s most treasured landmarks.  This amazing open-air venue has played host to hundreds of world class performers including the Grateful Dead and the Beetles but is also known as a premier location for special events like weddings and corporate parties. The park itself is about 868-acres and is known world wide for its amazing red sandstone rock formations. The theater was specially designed to preserve the natural beauty of these great stone formations.  The soaring sandstone walls act as natural buffers for the sound and produce unmatched acoustics. Also on the premises are the Red Rocks’ Trading Post and Museum.  Here you can see what it was like in the area when geologists first explore it and purchase

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Views from Loveland ColoradoWhen most people think of Colorado they immediately think of cities like Denver or Boulder, but there are some many other hip, up and coming cities in Colorado too.  A lot of people are now moving north of Boulder and Denver to discover places like Greeley, Loveland and Fort Collins.  With Colorado State University based in this area many college students, working professionals, and young families are considering these areas to be highly desirable.  Loveland, Colorado offers new residents wholesome family values, a wide variety of housing options, great schools, a steady real estate market, beautiful views, and plenty of job opportunities.  If you have been thinking of moving to Northern Colorado, Loveland is a great choice.

With less then 70,000 people

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The City of BoulderIf you are considering purchasing a home in Boulder, Colorado, congratulations you are making a great financial investment. Boulder is an incredibly livable city, and one that’s a great fit for a variety of people. Boulder is family friendly so it makes for a fantastic place to raise your children or send your kids to college. It also has a great art and nightlife scene that appeals to younger professionals who are hoping for a more urban environment to call home. With its wonderful four seasons weather, friendly community, and overall sense of environmental awareness; Boulder really is a great place to buy a home and settle down. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, here are a few things to consider before contacting an agent to start searching for homes

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Downtown Fort CollinsMany people outside Colorado only think of Boulder when they think of green minded, outdoors oriented and bicycle loving communities; but many locals might actually think of Fort Collins instead.  Overall the city is less expensive and just as laid back as Boulder but not as crowded.  Fort Collins has more breweries per head than any other place in the state and is known as a college town cycling and mountain biking paradise. Additionally the river that runs through the city provides world-class kayaking and tons of walking and hiking trails.  This community is so beautiful, that the picturesque Old Town area was actually used for inspiration in the building of Main Street in Disneyland. One thing if for sure, if you visit Fort Collins you will not be at

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Welcome to Golden ColoradoIf you are thinking of moving to Golden, Colorado, it is important for you to learn about life there as well as the real estate market and trends.  Golden is a city that offers high quality education, employment opportunities and a chic entertainment and nightlife scene.  The population of Golden is around 19,000, and regularly gets plenty of visitors who come for its festivals and its tourist attractions.  At one point in time, it was actually the capital of the Colorado Territory.  Now, it is the home to the Colorado School of Mines which is the second oldest school and the oldest public university in the state.

When it comes to Golden real estate, you will find excellent examples of modern architecture available for affordable prices.  Because of the

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If you want to evaluate your real property, there are three popular methods. You can pick whichever one you want, just like the TV game show called Let’s Make a Deal, but as Monty Hall used to say, you might get stuck with what’s behind that door.


But you can also combine them and modify these approaches. Most county auditors will work with whatever you choose. The three primary valuation tools include the cost approach, the comparable approach, and the income approach.


The cost approach refers to the actual reproduction cost of the property. This means the amount of money it would take to replace the property as an exact replica. You start with that amount, and then you subtract the depreciation of the property as it stands at the time of the

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In the current economy, credit is tight and people are worried about money. Hours are being cut and salaries are down. To improve your cash flow situation, you have two options: work more or spend less. Of the two options, only the latter is in your direct control, and fortunately you have a lot of options. We’ve all heard about how people are cutting back on a variety of services to save money, and that makes a lot of sense. However, by making some small investments in your home, you can improve your comfort while saving money on your home’s operating costs at the same time. Making these small investments now will continue save you money long after the bad times have past. Let’s take a look at some of the low cost steps that you can take to better manage

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