January 2014

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Now that we are firmly into the new year, tons of people are putting into motions the steps that will eventually help sell their house this upcoming spring 2014.  As far as doing improvements that will net your the most return and/or make your home attractive to potential buyers, some things are definitely more beneficial than other.  Along those lines, the first thing anyone sees when they tour your for sale home is the exterior.  This why curb appeal has so much value and should be seriously considered when repairing and staging your home for resale.

Here are some tips you can use to help increase the Curb Appeal of your home, because after you only get one real first impression!

  • Replace or upgrade the hardware on the front of your home.  A new
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When you think of the Wild West, what comes to mind? Usually characters like Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, and Doc Holiday; or maybe cowboys driving cattle, Native American heritage, saloons, and even panning for gold.  Well, there is no other place in the world with richer western roots than the great state of Colorado!  From festivals, art exhibits, and musical performances, to guided tours, adventure tourism, rodeos, and real everyday life experiences, the opportunities to explore Western American culture are endless in Colorado.  The harmonious blend of old traditions and new experiences have helped to create a dynamic culture with deep roots, and one that at some point has had every kid in Colorado dreaming of being a cowboy.  

Here are just a few

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So we have to touch on the whole legalizing marijuana topic which our state has become known for worldwide simply because it is going to, without a doubt, affect our state's economy and its attractiveness to people and businesses for relocation.

Whether or not you agree with the decision to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, the one thing that cannot be denied is the State of Colorado is expected to see billions in additional revenue due to the taxation of this new industry over the next few years.  Of course, jokes and comments regarding the "purple haze" that can be seen as you fly over Denver are inevitable, but so is job growth across several industries like healthcare, hospitality, agriculture and tourism.  In addition, scientific

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