2013 A Year to Remember For Colorado’s Weather!

Posted by Client Care on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 8:40am.

When making small talk with people, one of the most popular topics to choose is the weather.  Well, if you live in Colorado where the saying, “if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes,” is heard all too often, you know that our weather can be big news and sometimes makes major headlines!  Before this year, which has proven to be one of the craziest weather-wise our state has seen in over 1000 years, this used to be something that only our Colorado residents truly understood.  Now however, the nation is also recognizing the power of Mother Nature through Colorado’s record setting year in weather. 

Here is a quick recap...
In the last 365 days Colorado has seen:
  • Record highs like Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 where it was almost 70 degrees,
  • Biblical downpours causing unheard-of flooding,
  • Periods of extended drought with watering and fire restrictions,
  • Wind whipping tornadoes and gusts,
  • Blizzard-like conditions producing massive amounts of snow,
  • Thunderstorms that rattle your home and light up the sky,
  • Below freezing temperatures,
  • Snow and hail in the late spring and summer.
As well as...
  • Fall and summer seasons with perfectly tepid days, mild sun and zero breeze,
  • Wonderful refreshing regular spring showers accompanied by golden sunlight which turns everything the color of emeralds,
  • Picturesque powder-like snow dustings that cover the Rockies and make skiers and snowboarders go gaga,
  • Warm sunshine with a cool breeze back that can turn any patio into a retreat getaway,
  • 40 degree differences from day to night creating unbeatable sleeping conditions,
  • Partly sunny days which always turn out to be the best for our active outdoor sports culture.
Of course, the best kept secret among us locals is that, although Colorado is known for its drastic and quick changes in weather which can be potentially dangerous, the majority of the time, I’m talking like around 300 days a year, we experience weather perfection! As a homeowner, mother, and fitness conscious person, I have to say I have learned to depend on Colorado’s glorious sunshine in just about every aspect of my life and it never disappoints. So, if you have been thinking about moving to Colorado but the recent weather reports of 2013 have weighed on your mind, just know that in 5 minutes from now Mother Nature will let you know why so many people say our state has the most gorgeous weather around!

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