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With the economy’s rebound in the last few years, many people once again are looking at the potential benefits of investing in rental properties and real estate.  This decision to invest in real estate over traditional stock options is something more and more people are considering as a way of accumulating wealth. Of course, the decision of which investment is right for you is a personal choice, but there are definite benefits that people who invest in real estate can experience. Big time property investors see this as an opportunity to build their wealth even further by providing housing for the 34% of Americans who occupy rental homes. With statistics like this it is clear to see why so many new investors are now rushing to acquire single family and

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If you have been dying to update your kitchen, but do not want to install all new cabinetry or are on a budget, I suggest checking out these awesome painted kitchen cabinet designs for a little inspiration!

  Contemporary Kitchen by Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Remodelers 

1. This teal painted kitchen has tons of personality and is super chic! 

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Studio Sarah Willmer

2. I never would have thought to do two colors, but these earth tones have a natural and organic feel that I love! 

Contemporary Kitchen by Minneapolis Cabinets & Cabinetry CliqStudios Cabinets

3. The garnet color of this island offers warm sophistication and offsets the light color cabinets perfectly. 

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Two monumental and unforeseen incidents that have rocked the Rocky Mountains and Colorado in the past two months were of course the 1000 year flood and the federal government shutdown. But despite the impact of these events, local economist and real estate professionals are forecasting growth in 2014. The Metro Denver Monthly Business Economic report for November says that regardless of the temporary setbacks, local economies like that of Colorado Springs, which is said to have taken one of the largest hits in the nation due to the shutdown, are willing, ready and able to rebound over the next coming months. This news is great to hear for Colorado residents, local businesses, big box brands, and of course our state's government.

This report also

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Two of the hardest things about selling your home, no matter what time of year it is, is accommodating all those showings and keeping your home clean.  Although these two things might be the most cumbersome of the inconveniences you deal with during the process, there is no doubt about it that they are also the most important! The kicker is, these two things become even a bit more inconvenient in the presence of inclement weather.  There is nothing worse than coming home after you just showed your house for several hours only to find that someone has tracked mud, leaves, water, or snow all throughout the place.  So now after killing a bunch of time during the showing, you come back and now have to clean again as soon as possible so that your home is ready

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Halloween is barely over and the first signs of the holiday season have already crept upon us with decorations adorning seasonal aisles and holiday travel plans well underway. For most people, the holidays are their busiest time year, which could not be any truer if you are someone looking to buy or sell a home during the season. With that being said, devising a timeline that will put you into a new home, and/or get you out of your existing one before Christmas, is totally doable and is something a savvy Realtor will tell you to definitely consider!

The basic rule of thumb is, you need about 30 days to look for alternative housing and another 30 days to secure financing. If you add it up, it is clear to see there is still plenty of time left in 2013 to

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