October 2013

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The craze of shabby chic lives on as more and more people, including world famous interior designers and your average everyday stay at home mom, are turning lost secondhand treasures into totally amazing one of a kind home design elements. Whether you have an old set of drawers that is in need of a refinish or you go out to your local thrift store, the sky’s the limit when it comes to home design with repurposed items.  Below are some of my favorite ideas and a few links where you can find out more information on how to replicate these ingenious ideas.

1. DIY Upholstered Ottoman - The website I found this on, Not So Newlywed McGee’s, shows you step by step on how to create this simple and totally chic ottoman.  Use their template and custom design

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Wintering Your HomeAsking the question, should you winterize your home, is a bit like asking if you need to put on a hat and gloves to go play in the snow. The obvious answer is yes, almost every home regardless of its condition should be winterized to some degree if the owner has any hopes of maintaining the property and keeping costs down. With that being said, some newer homes might only need a few things done, while older homes, mountain properties, waterfront properties, and seasonal homes will require significantly more in preparation for the cold and wet winter season. Just like a little kid that doesn’t know better, many first time homebuyers are not aware of the golden rules of winterizing that many veteran homeowners have become familiar with, only because they…
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Halloween Home Decoration IdeasThere is nothing that says Halloween better than a decorative front entrance, fireplace, staircase, tabletop, or bathroom counter! And, if you are selling your home during the season, you should definitely consider putting up some festive Halloween“ish” decorations. Of course, I do not mean use terrifying or frightful decorations like corpses or bloody grotesque monsters, but instead use things like fun witches, lots of pumpkins, and other cute, simple PG-rated Halloween inspired fall decorations. The idea is to show that your for sale home has character and is a part of the greater community. Below are several of my favorite Halloween home decoration ideas that I think are great for a for sale home.

All Black and White - I love this one because it

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Last week it was about 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky and I just so happened to be lucky enough to be zipping around on a golf cart at the wonderful Inverness Hotel and Golf Club in Englewood, Colorado. The sun was brilliant and the buzz in the air was real estate! Since the flood I have heard many agents talk about the need to reiterate the fact that all of Colorado’s real estate is not underwater and the future market outlook is as bright as ever. This time of year is statistically slower than any other, and of course the areas that were hit the hardest by the flooding will see a temporary diversion in interest by potential buyers, but in general, real estate in the Denver Metro, Boulder Valley, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins areas still

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