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The air definitely had a chill to it this week and the first signs of fall in Colorado are starting to show up all around us. As the days get shorter and shorter, kids and families tend to get a little stir crazy going through the transition of the season. But, if you live in the Denver area it is not due to a lack of fun family activities available since almost every weekend from now until Christmas is packed with festivals, special events, free museum days, and plenty of outdoor fun for all. Here’s what's happening in the Front Range area of Colorado this October.

Fall Family Activities - Denver, Colorado

Oktoberfest - September 27th - 29th, 2013
Downtown Denver will be hosting their family friendly version of Munich, Germany’s ever popular Oktoberfest, complete

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After a few solid days of lovely Colorado sunshine, homeowners in the communities of Boulder County, Larimer County, Weld County, Denver County and El Paso County have begun to see the full extent of damage from the September 2013 flood. Although today’s reports are saying that thousands of homes have received damage as a result of being in the flood zone, the majority of people living along the Front Range have homes that went untouched. Still these numbers tell the story of what a portion of Colorado residents have ahead of them. The good news is that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the cleanup process is well underway!  Every day that passes brings new resources to the communities affected by the 2013 Colorado Flood. 

Here are some

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Colorado FloodAll across the world, people are hearing reports of the natural disaster the State of Colorado is facing at the current moment. Known mostly for its dry climate, the Front Range and surrounding areas have been pummeled with over 15 inches of rain in the last several days. To put it in another perspective, meteorologists say the snowfall equivalence to 15 inches of rain would be nearly 200 inches in some areas!

Flash floods, although somewhat rare, are definitely not unheard of in the area and in fact the Boulder Creek has one of the highest flash flood risks in the state. Despite the inevitability of some flooding in the areas most affected, the magnitude of this storm has caused what officials are calling “flooding on a biblical scale.” With reports of

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Best Hot Springs in ColoradoCold weather tourism is obviously huge in Colorado, since we are known for our world class skiing and resorts. But did you know that people have been coming to Colorado for over a hundred years specifically to enjoy another kind of cold weather pleasure? If not, you do now! Hot springs in Colorado are hugely popular and offer tourists of all kinds a fun and unique cold weather vacation experience. From Aspen and Steamboat, to Idaho Springs and Buena Vista, there are literally tons of different hot springs you can enjoy all over the state.

Hot springs are technically defined a bunch of different ways and can come in the form of natural or manmade pools fed by geothermal waters. The water that fills up these pools is heated to varying degrees of

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