July 2013

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Zip Lining ColoradoWhen I think of zip lining I usually flash back to my honeymoon in Jamaica, cruising from one jungle canopy to the next.  I often think about how cool it was and just how great of an overall experience I had.  Until recently, I thought this kind of tourism and adventure vacationing only happened in the Caribbean, and never realized I could have the same kind of monumental experience right here in my own backyard!  Hopefully you guys are more hip to things than I was, but did you know there are tons of zip lining tour companies operating in Colorado?  From just a brief Google search on the subject, I was able to discover that zip line tourism is HUGE in Colorado!  From gliding over the Royal Gorge and the Colorado River, to running a zip line course, this

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Pruning your bushes and trees is the best way to keep them healthy and to promote growth. In fact, the act of pruning has even become an art form in some cultures as well as a landscaping technique. When you trim your plants, bushes and trees you should really take into consideration what specific species of plant you are dealing with before hacking away at it. There is a certain amount of knowledge that one should have as well, before your first cut is made.

Depending on what you are dealing with, like rose bushes, an overgrown tree, or hedges, you may need different tools to get the job done correctly, otherwise a good pair of loppers will usually be just fine. We suggest researching the plant and fully examining it starting from the top down. You

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Broomfield Colorado Real EstateThe City and County of Broomfield is a community on the Front Range that offers spectacular housing opportunities for families of all kinds! This community is not only the place I just bought my home, but it is also one that has received several awards and recognitions A huge draw to the area is the community's unique status as its own County and its dual benefit of having some Boulder County amenities, like their schools, for a way lower cost of living. Many new neighborhoods are currently being built in the area that target a wide range of lifestyles. From apartment homes, luxury condos, resort style communities, ranch land, suburban single family, and classic brick construction, you definitely have options if you decide to buy a home in Broomfield,…
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