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Free Concert Series Denver ColoradoNo summer is complete without going to a few outdoor concert series events. There’s just something about sitting outside with friends and family while listening to good music that really gets you into the summertime mood. Fortunately for us, there are tons of FREE, fun, and family-friendly concert series in the Denver area every summer, most of which are starting this upcoming weekend! So if you haven’t already made plans as to what concert you will be attending first this summer, here’s a breakdown of the best upcoming events for Denver.

Mark your calendar for July 3rd, because you will not want to miss out on the Independence Eve Free Concert Event in Civic Center Park! This concert event is Denver’s most highly anticipated annual happening that

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Mortgage Insurance PMIBuying a home is not only an exciting adventure, but for some it is the path to financial security through personal equity. For this reason, it is extremely important that when you are preparing to buy a home that you understand fully all the costs associated with the process and the home itself. Unlike renting, homeowners who finance their home are required to hold at least two different kinds of insurance, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance. These two policies are very different and both add to your monthly payment on the home. Homeowners insurance is pretty simple to understand, since it usually mirrors the kind of renters insurance you probably previously had only with more coverage. Mortgage insurance is not so clearly defined for some and

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Gardening is a favorite pastime for many of Colorado’s residents, not only because it helps to beautify their properties, but it is also therapeutic and can help save you money on fresh summer produce! But, if you have ever planted anything in Colorado’s notoriously rocky clay soil, you know that our area presents its own set of challenges for gardeners of all kinds. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make your Colorado garden grow lush and strong.

Gardening Tips1. Know your soil by having it tested. The results of the test will tell you what you need to do in order to amend the soil to make sure the plants you select will have the best chance of producing.
2. Take note of the micro-climate of your particular yard. During this process you will want to

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Colorado is mostly known for its impeccable outdoor recreational activities and its eco-friendly lifestyle, but what the average visitor may not know is that we also a have a booming food industry! Colorado style food is known for being healthy, fresh and locally produced. From the top restaurant chains, to the most high end establishments, true Colorado flavor and quality cannot be beat. Here is my list of the top 4, most famous dining establishments in Colorado’s Front Range Area.

Beau Jo's Pizza#1 Beau Jo’s Colorado Pizza makes my list at number one, simply because I am an East Coast originator and I live for a good slice of pie! The first time I was served a Beau Jo’s pizza, I thought to myself “what the heck is this!” AND, then I tasted it and thought out loud,

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