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How Buyer's Agents help the Buyer!If you are buying a house or any kind of real estate property, it is to your benefit to hire a buyer’s agent to represent you.  Many consumers, especially first time buyers, do not understand all the time, work and legalities that go into buying a piece of real estate.  It is true that in today’s high-tech world, buyers can find for sale homes very easily.  It is also true, that an experienced buyer’s agent will be able to find you more “qualified” properties faster, as well as be able to prepare all the legal contracts with much more ease.  The acquisition of real estate is not a one size fits all process and is notorious for its unforeseen complications.  These reasons are specifically why the real estate profession has evolved and why agents specialize

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One of the best things about springtime in Colorado is participating in all the fun family events that are hosted across the state. Each year right around this time, Colorado residents start planning their calendars to save the date for some of our area's most popular events.  Whether it is the Bolder Boulder, Greeley Stampede, Capitol Hill People's Fair, or the Colorado Renaissance Festival, you can be sure that each event you attend will be loaded with fun things for whole family to do!  Here is a list of some of the Front Range’s most happening spring events.

Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade in Denver at Civic Center ParkMay 4-5, 2013

25th Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade in Denver at Civic Center Park.  This event is the largest 2 day Cinco de Mayo celebration in the nation!!!!  Come and explore

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Spring Storms ColoradoColorado is known for having some of the most gorgeous weather in our nation, because we regularly get over 300 days of sunshine a year.  But if you live here, you know that our weather is no joke, and experiencing things like 60 degree days in January are just as common as the spring blizzards.  In either situation, if you are not prepared for Colorado’s quick changing weather you will likely find yourself wishing you were. Regardless of whether it is bringing a jacket or making sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date, preparation is key. Of course, the repercussions for being caught in a spring snowstorm without a jacket and gloves are unfortunate, but it is more unfortunate and costly to be hammered down with golf ball size hail stones in a

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Recently Better Homes and Gardens conducted a real estate survey among the new generation of homebuyers, ages 18-35 years old, and concluded this younger demographic is not afraid of getting their hands dirty when it comes to their real estate purchase decisions. In fact, this hands-on approach regarding real estate renovations and repairs, is actually preferred by 30% of those interviewed! The survey also found that 77% of new homeowners are looking for a more “essential or purposeful” home, which features the “technological capabilities” they are used to over a traditional luxury home. In addition, 43% of those interviewed want something that is not considered a cookie cutter home, but offers quality amenities and accommodations.   So what does this

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