September 2012

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If you want to evaluate your real property, there are three popular methods. You can pick whichever one you want, just like the TV game show called Let’s Make a Deal, but as Monty Hall used to say, you might get stuck with what’s behind that door.


But you can also combine them and modify these approaches. Most county auditors will work with whatever you choose. The three primary valuation tools include the cost approach, the comparable approach, and the income approach.


The cost approach refers to the actual reproduction cost of the property. This means the amount of money it would take to replace the property as an exact replica. You start with that amount, and then you subtract the depreciation of the property as it stands at the time of the

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In the current economy, credit is tight and people are worried about money. Hours are being cut and salaries are down. To improve your cash flow situation, you have two options: work more or spend less. Of the two options, only the latter is in your direct control, and fortunately you have a lot of options. We’ve all heard about how people are cutting back on a variety of services to save money, and that makes a lot of sense. However, by making some small investments in your home, you can improve your comfort while saving money on your home’s operating costs at the same time. Making these small investments now will continue save you money long after the bad times have past. Let’s take a look at some of the low cost steps that you can take to better manage

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